Poker Cash Bricks


  • Like playing with real money
  • Go ‘all-in’ faster, with less counting and messing around
  • Works perfectly for cash and tournament poker formats
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Playing poker at home is great. But it can get a little, let’s say ‘regular’, with the same type of format and of course, pretty much the same people doing the same things. Poker Cash Bricks takes the regular home poker game and ramps things up somewhat, because Cash Bricks are wads of paper money.

So instead of shifting all-in with a whole load of chips that then have to be counted and then you have to wait for your opponent(s) to count theirs to check if they have enough to call, or need to fold, with Cash Bricks you can easily and quickly see just what you have and can play or not. It’s also much more entertaining to push all-in with $250,000 in cash, than chips.

OK, so it’s not real money, but because Cash Bricks are printed on authentic banking paper and have authentic bank wraps, it really does feel as if it is real money you’re pushing in. You can use Cash Bricks a couple of ways – here’s how:

  • Use regular poker chips for the start of your game. As the blinds and bets build, swap chips for Cash Bricks
  • For a high stakes tournament game, just use Cash Bricks. It might cost a little more than using chips, but it will look so much better!
  • If cash (or ring) poker is your game, you can always slip the bank wrap off and use the notes singularly

With values from $25 right up to the new $1million set, Poker Cash Bricks can really liven up your home poker game

***Please note that 10k and 1million value bricks feature 50 notes, rather than normal 25 notes in other bricks, hence the extra cost***

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Cash Brick Value

$10,000, $1million, $2,500, $25, $25,000, $250, $5,000, $50, $50,000, $500, $500,000


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