KEM Arrow Plastic Poker Playing Cards


  • 100% plastic cellulose acetate
  • Best snap and feel you can get from plastic playing cards
  • Made in the USA since the 1930s


Kem Arrow Poker: Since the early 1930s Kem cards have been a major force in the playing card market. Made from cellulose acetate 100% plastic.

The Kem Arrow design is the most recognised back version, and the most popular from our store and available from UK stock in black and gold or blue and red two deck sets, in both standard or jumbo index.

Whilst Kem Arrow poker cards might seem a lot more expensive than other plastic playing cards, the fact that they are made from acetate means Kem cards have a better ‘snap’ and feel than others, plus they retain their shape better too. Plus, if you’re running a casino, cellulose acetate resists marking with dyes and inks, so you can relax.

Additional information

Weight350 g
Card Decks In This Pack

Two Deck Pack (pre-set colours and index)



Card Index

Jumbo, Standard

Card Width

Poker (Wide)


Black and Gold, Red and Blue


United States Playing Card Co


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