Copag Legacy Plastic Poker Playing Cards | 4 Colour Regular Index


Copag Legacy 4 Colour edition feature the same high durability of all other Copag plastic poker cards, but these have a separate colour for each suit. So you get Spades in black, Diamonds in blue, Clubs in green and Hearts in red. This not only makes a change from plain black, but makes it easier to identify each suit. With a regular index as standard, you’ll find this deck perfect for all forms of card playing


Copag poker playing cards are designed to last. Unlike regular paper playing cards, Copag are made from 100% plastic. This means you can lightly bend them and they won’t go out of shape. They don’t easily tear, so they are not going to get marked or damaged. You can even wash them when they start to get a bit dirty. But best of all, Copag playing cards have a great snap and feel, which is one of the reasons they are the card of choice for professional casinos worldwide – they’re also the official card for the World Series of Poker

Additional information

Weight250 g


Card Index


Card Width

Poker (Wide)


Red and Blue




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