Copag EPOC Bridge Playing Cards


  • 100% PVC plastic
  • Can outlast traditional paper playing cards up to 50 times
  • Radical Design Coupled With Legendary Copag Durability & Quality

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Copag EPOC Bridge Cards: Radical Design Coupled With Legendary Copag Durability & Quality That Not Only Look Incredible, Last Virtually Forever & But Save You Money in The Long Run Too…

A totally unique take on playing cards design and produced exclusively for Copag by renowned artist Maria Leonor Deourt. The name EPOC comes from the Portuguese names of the four suites. E is for Espadas (spades), P for Pause (clubs), O Ouro (diamonds) and C for Copas (hearts).

Copag EPOC are ideal for fun games of any card format and whilst they may take a little getting used to, once you know what’s-what, they can be used for each and every occasion, and as with all Copag cards, EPOC, are made from 100% plastic which means that they’re very resilient to bending and marking and if they do start to get a little grubby, you can always wash them clean

These cards are BRIDGE SIZE (2.25″ x 3.5″)

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Weight375 g
Card Decks In This Pack

Two Deck Pack (pre-set colours and index)



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