Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards Standard | Jumbo


  • World’s most popular playing cards
  • Air-Cushioned finish for best handling playing cards you can get
  • Made in the USA by United States Playing Card Co.


Bicycle Rider Back Standard playing cards are probably the most used premium playing cards in the world. First released in 1885, this classic design that features Cupid riding a bicycle (hence the ‘Rider’ on the ‘back’ of the cards) has been produced in numerous colours and variations. The cards are also known as Bicycle Standards, however this does apply to the index of the playing card face, rather than the given product version. Either way, Bicycle Rider Back playing cards remain one of our most popular products and are available in a brick of 6 x red and 6 x blue backs, or single decks and your choice of standard or jumbo index.

Additional information



Card Index

Jumbo, Standard

Card Width

Poker (Wide)


Blue, Pre-Packed Blue & Red, Red


United States Playing Card Co

Card Decks In This Pack

One Dozen (12 decks pre-set colours and index), Single Deck


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